Rollin' to the next one horse town,Population 250,Sittin' in the Last Saddle Saloon,Jukebox blastin' Merle & Willie,Downbeat at nine, Always the same time,Then it's punchin', drunkin',Something broken, holy-smokin' noise,
CHORUSFor them,Bikers, hippies, and em honky-tonkin' cowboysSon, play that damn music dirty and loud,Bikers, hippies, and em honky-tonkin' cowboys,You can love em hate-em but there ain't no better crowd
Pluck them guts of strings Mr. Banjo Billy,Suck them shots of whisky till ya pickled silly,Rooster Man is swingin' at Road Dog Sonny,Cause Jumbo Jenny is hotter than a Playboy bunny,And I'm trying too keep timeWhile this surly hell unwindsThen it's punchin', drunkin'Something broken,holy-smokin' noise