Fell in love with a midget named Clare,Had two kids Cherry and Blair,Traveled the world with Barnum and BaileyShared a train with the bearded lady,Two headed twins and the tattooed manFire-eating Fred and Rubberband Sam,Them Good Ol' Circus DaysThem Good Ol' Circus Days..........I was 17 had big top dreams,Thought I'd be the next Frosty Little,I couldn't see in '63What circus life would whittle for me,I just went where every clown goes,Put on your make-up and plastic nose,Be silly, sail balloons,Hardy har har, and a zoom boom boomThem Good Ol' Circus DaysThem Good Ol' Circus Days
Who knew in '82,The only thing I owned were giant shoes,That I owned for 19 years,Too kick beach balls in the back of Sears,Even them had too many holes,Turned my soles to crisp charcoal,Them Good 'Ol Circus DaysThem Good 'Ol Circus DaysNow, I sleep in an alleyway,Where a trapeze begins to sway,The ringmaster signals me on,And I bow to the crowd And fall to the ground..........Them Good 'Ol Circus DaysThem Good 'Ol Circus Days