There ain't no McDonald's in Mendocino,Just Jako filing for a second divorce,And Katy is trading a pound of marijuana,For a four cylinder pick-up made by Ford,LeAnne is so tired of being a single mother,Lord, I wish I were just 20 years younger,So I could be a stepfather for her daughter Avalon,But in the morning I'm off on a drug run to Albion,CHORUSUs Black Sheep, we ain't like the others,We were born to be rowdy mother fuckers,Our blood's hustling, dealing, stealing and somedays killing,Us Black Sheep, we ain't like the others..............Distance and Cricket are seeking careers in trimming,Reverend Otis at the Caspar Baptist Church says that shit is sinning,Angel's been 60 days off of crystal meth,Her son, Jess told the state counselor "Yeah, my mom's still such a mess"And I'm wondering thru downtown Garberville,Sticking my thumb out along that hippie highway,First I'll sweeten my soul with a line or two,Then pickle down my mind with Smirnoff and grapefruit,