Hammerin down on a granny lane,
Good buddy, I'll wipe your tin can away,
Settin this freight, Georgia overdrive, riling up city kitties on Turkey night
I'm bear bait for a 2nd meanor, never even had the chance to plead her
That's ok, goes along with the game, ya haulin wiggle wagons that's the price ya pay, Trucker on the road Trucker on the road,
Choo choo, Tennessee
Bright Lights, Kansas City,
N.O., New Orleans
Trucker on the road
Trucker on the road,
Sin City, Reno
Big A, Amarillo,
Trucker on the road........
I'm stuck in 5 feet of ice and snow got my night gown on in Chicago
Wally's World is next to me my nose is filled with high speed chicken feed
I sing happy happy to a rooster cruiser who just backslided out of Vancouver
Tomorrow, I'll get ten in the wind, some go go juice, and be moving again