Matt couldn’t play bass worth a shit
Nick could barely twirl a drumstick,
Rory was treated for anger control,
I went into rehab and left on parole
We almost got signed to a major label,
Our record spun on a few turntables
Billboard mentioned us in their country spotlight,
But I guess our timing just wasn’t right

The family that I never had
We jammed all night, slept in the van
The highway carved in our flesh and blood
We were Tennessee bred, Tennessee strong,
Drove 10,000 miles played all 50 states,
From Weed California to Portland Maine
Through the blue ridge mountains to Seneca lake
The family that I never had

Now, Matt’s a clerk at the local Food King
Nick lost his life when the traffic light turned green
Rory found peace as a Jehovah witness
I’m serving 5 years at the Benson County Prison
Reckon, I’ve been reflecting back on those days,
How naïve we were of society’s ways
And the clock keep ticking and spinning away
Tomorrow, it’s back to pressing license plates